About Us


The Ithaca Volleyball Academy is operated by Johan Dulfer, Owner/Operator of 360 Training Concepts, LLC. The ideology behind 360 is borne out in its name; 360 degrees, full-circle, complete and multi-faceted training. The whole point of 360 Training Concepts is to immerse athletes in an environment that gets the most out of the players we work with, while pouring the absolute most into the kids who put their faith in our coaching.
Camp should be fun, and we certainly believe in keeping it that way. But competitive people, especially athletes, define fun in some very unique ways. Working hard is fun. Getting better is fun. Seeing yourself go from point A to point B in a hurry is a whole lot of fun! There will be sweat, a few bruises, confusing moments and exhausting days; but the results will speak for themselves.
The mission of 360 Training Concepts is simple: Teach and Train the Game as completely and deeply as possible. Set no limits on any athlete. Expect only their personal best. We will live by these ideals on the gym floor; in the weightroom and the classroom. We will spark fires within hearts and fill young minds with the best ideas the game can offer.

Success is about giving it your all. It’s about knowing that you have given everything you could to achieve what you set out to accomplish. Life is all about giving it your all. Friends, school, family, and volleyball…they all require us to live in the moment and not hold back. 360 Training Concepts wants to help you find a way to play (and live) with purpose. 
We specialize in helping you train like you’ve never trained before. A smarter way to train; a different way to train, and -we think- a better way to train. We want you to see things from multiple angles and take advantage of new concepts in feedback, training methodology and volleyball skill development. 

What else would you expect at Ithaca college, where cutting edge performance training and one of the country’s best sport psychology programs work hand in hand with the volleyball program every day. Come train with us this summer!